2018 – The Mohebi Inserter Was Invented For Hair Transplant Procedures

In 2018, Dr. Parsa Mohebi invented an invention that has transformed the hair transplant industry for the better. The device is to help the doctors make the placement of hair follicles a lot easier during the transplant process.

When placing hair grafts, it was common for the patients to have trauma when placing the grafts. With the implanter, the trauma is greatly reduced and hair transplants are far more efficient.

The hair transplant process is now far more efficient and there is less pain to the patients during the process.

this is an image of parsa mohebi hair transplant

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March 2014 – A Malaysian Airplane Disappeared!

March 2014 will always be remembered in the annals of history as the month in which the tragedy of MH370 occurred. It is the short name of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that departed from the capital Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on 8 March 2014 and suddenly disappeared over the Indian Ocean. 

this is an image of malaysian flight

MH 370 Has Not Been Found to Date

The airplane was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Neither the debris nor the wreckage of the airplane has been found to date. Not the bodies of the ill-fated aircraft been recovered so far. Searches and rescue operations have been conducted by not just the Malaysian government but also by international teams, but all of them have failed to find any evidence of the accident that caused the disappearance of the aircraft. 

What Happened to MH 370?

The last communication of the crew members of flight 370 was with the ATC 38 minutes after it took off from Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese capital Beijing. This was the time when MH370 was flying over the South China Sea. Soon after this communication, the ATC radar lost the aircraft. However, it was traced by military radar that tracked it for another hour. MH 370 was found to be deviating from its planned flight path to the west, and the last time it was seen flying was in an area that is 200 nautical miles from Penang Island.

After repeated attempts to find the missing plane, authorities gave up hopes of any of the passengers and crew members of the ill-fated flight being alive.…

March 2012 – “Kony 2012” Went Viral

Today, it is common for videos to suddenly go viral on YouTube. Many videos get millions of views and likes, and no one takes any notice of this phenomenon. But in March 2012, when a video called Kony 2012 became viral within a few days of being launched on the video-sharing platform YouTube, it grabbed the attention of all the people. 

this image shows youtube viral videos

What was Kony 2012 All About?

Kony 2012 was a short documentary movie made by a small nonprofit organization from San Diego called Invisible Children. This documentary threw light on a character called Joseph Kony, a warlord from Central Africa who kidnapped small children and inducted them as soldiers in his own militia. The group making this video wanted to bring Joseph Kony to justice, and it had no other way than to make a video on his misdeeds. The documentary told the viewers that Joseph Kony used his militia to terrorize villagers in several Central African countries for nearly 2 decades. 

Kony 2012 Sheds Light on the Deeds of the Warlord

If you have not seen Kony 201, it describes the actions of Joseph Knoy, the chief of the militia called Lord’s Resistance Army. He has been shown recruiting young kids from Uganda, South Sudan, and Congo as soldiers in LRA. These kids are abducted from their homes and given the training to work as private army troops. One person who narrates his own story in Kony 2012 is Jacob Avaye, who says that his brother was abducted and killed by Kony’s men.…

April 2011 – Millions Tuned In To Watch A Royal Wedding

Royal weddings arouse curiosity among the commoners, and they want to know as much information they can about royalties getting married. However, very few individuals from commoners get a chance to attend these royal weddings in person. This is usually done to avoid chaos at the venue of the wedding and also to ensure the safety and security of all the important people attending the ceremony. It is in this background that the wedding ceremony of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge assumed significance when millions of people watched the ceremony live on television.  

this image shows the royal wedding

Westminster Abbey is the Venue of the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place on April 29, 2011, in London at Westminster Abbey. Prince William is the 2nd in a line of succession to the throne after Prince Charles. Interestingly, Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William after being her girlfriend for nearly eight years. Catherine traveled to the wedding venue along with her father in a car from Goring Hotel to Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony was organized at around 11 AM in the morning. 

Miss Middleton Walked on the Aisle Alongside her Father

Miss Middleton carried a bouquet of flowers in her hand while she held her father’s hand as she walked on the aisle surrounded by 20 feet high maple trees. For those who were not present and also missed out on the live ceremony on television, the service was conducted by Dean of Westminster while the Archbishop of Canterbury solemnized the marriage.…

April 2010 – The First iPad Came Out

Apple’s iPad seems to have become an integral part of many students’ lives and executives these days. Users love the functionality and touch features of a smartphone in a gadget. Almost as large as a small laptop but without the inconvenience of carrying a heavy device. Realizing the power of this new segment of a mobile device created by Apple, all other electronics companies are today manufacturing tablets and selling them in large numbers. 

this is an image of apple logo

Steve Jobs Introduced IPad to the World

2010 is the year when Apple introduced the first iPad to the world. This revolutionary device was introduced at a huge gathering in San Francisco on 27 January, but it was only in April that the iPad found its way to the shelves in the shops and stores selling electronic products. 

Consumers Lapped Up the Idea of this Revolutionary Device

Before the iPad, buyers had the option of browsing the web on their smartphones. They could also click pictures and send and receive emails on their mobile phones. But something was missing in between a smartphone and a laptop. This was the question that Steve Jobs asked the audience when introducing the revolutionary iPad to them. There were many at that time who felt that there was no need for a new segment of devices in between a mobile and a laptop. But the sale of nearly 3 million iPads within 80 days of its launch proved that Steve Jobs was right. 

It has been more than a decade since the first iPad was introduced by Apple.…