April 2010 – The First iPad Came Out

Apple’s iPad seems to have become an integral part of many students’ lives and executives these days. Users love the functionality and touch features of a smartphone in a gadget. Almost as large as a small laptop but without the inconvenience of carrying a heavy device. Realizing the power of this new segment of a mobile device created by Apple, all other electronics companies are today manufacturing tablets and selling them in large numbers. 

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Steve Jobs Introduced IPad to the World

2010 is the year when Apple introduced the first iPad to the world. This revolutionary device was introduced at a huge gathering in San Francisco on 27 January, but it was only in April that the iPad found its way to the shelves in the shops and stores selling electronic products. 

Consumers Lapped Up the Idea of this Revolutionary Device

Before the iPad, buyers had the option of browsing the web on their smartphones. They could also click pictures and send and receive emails on their mobile phones. But something was missing in between a smartphone and a laptop. This was the question that Steve Jobs asked the audience when introducing the revolutionary iPad to them. There were many at that time who felt that there was no need for a new segment of devices in between a mobile and a laptop. But the sale of nearly 3 million iPads within 80 days of its launch proved that Steve Jobs was right. 

It has been more than a decade since the first iPad was introduced by Apple. The company has launched many generations of iPads since then. And it has evolved in much the same way as iPhones launched by Apple over the years. An interesting thing about the iPad is that its appeal and craze among prospective customers has increased unabated all these years. If anything, iPads have become slimmer, faster, and better with new functionalities and features for the customers. 

New and Improved Models of iPads Year After Year

The first iPad, launched in April 2010, had 1GB RAM and a 1GHz processor. It had a display of 9.7 inches. If one looks in comparison to present iPads, it was very heavy, weighing 680 g. It was priced at $499, which was quite an amount to pay for a device that was neither a smartphone nor a laptop. 

Apple continued to introduce new versions of iPad every year like iPhones with successive devices becoming slimmer and faster with better processors and a higher RAM. However, after the iPad 4 in 2012, Apple decided to introduce an iPad Mini, which was much smaller and lighter than earlier iPads. It was the turn of iPad Air next year, and later loyal customers got higher models of both iPad Mini and Air. 

In 2015, Apple introduced iPad Pro, which was not only large but also allowed the owner to connect a keyboard and work on it as a laptop. After that, Apple has been introducing newer models of iPad Mini, Air, and Pro, making changes here and there.