April 2011 – Millions Tuned In To Watch A Royal Wedding

Royal weddings arouse curiosity among the commoners, and they want to know as much information they can about royalties getting married. However, very few individuals from commoners get a chance to attend these royal weddings in person. This is usually done to avoid chaos at the venue of the wedding and also to ensure the safety and security of all the important people attending the ceremony. It is in this background that the wedding ceremony of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge assumed significance when millions of people watched the ceremony live on television.  

this image shows the royal wedding

Westminster Abbey is the Venue of the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place on April 29, 2011, in London at Westminster Abbey. Prince William is the 2nd in a line of succession to the throne after Prince Charles. Interestingly, Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William after being her girlfriend for nearly eight years. Catherine traveled to the wedding venue along with her father in a car from Goring Hotel to Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony was organized at around 11 AM in the morning. 

Miss Middleton Walked on the Aisle Alongside her Father

Miss Middleton carried a bouquet of flowers in her hand while she held her father’s hand as she walked on the aisle surrounded by 20 feet high maple trees. For those who were not present and also missed out on the live ceremony on television, the service was conducted by Dean of Westminster while the Archbishop of Canterbury solemnized the marriage. The Bishop of London gave the address.

Thousands Greeted the Royal Couple During the Procession

After their marriage, Prince William and Miss Middleton have now become Royal Highness, the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple rode on a horse carriage after the ceremony in a procession that slowly reached Buckingham Palace. There were thousands of people lined up on both sides of the street, and they greeted and cheered the royal couple as the procession passed through the streets. Queen Elizabeth gave a grand reception at Buckingham Palace while Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, threw a dinner in honor of the new Royal couple later in the evening. 

Millions Watched the Ceremony Live on T.V

The royal wedding was televised live by 11 television networks in America, and nearly 23 million people watched it. Millions around the world watched the ceremony on television sets. In the U.K alone, nearly 24 million people watched the royal wedding on their television sets on either BBC or ITV. 

One interesting statistic related to this royal wedding is how power use rose and fell during the ceremony. The biggest drop in power demand was seen when the royal couple appeared on the balcony for a romantic kiss for a few seconds. This was the time when the entire nation stopped in its tracks and remained glued to their television sets to freeze the scene in their memories forever.