March 2012 – “Kony 2012” Went Viral

Today, it is common for videos to suddenly go viral on YouTube. Many videos get millions of views and likes, and no one takes any notice of this phenomenon. But in March 2012, when a video called Kony 2012 became viral within a few days of being launched on the video-sharing platform YouTube, it grabbed the attention of all the people. 

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What was Kony 2012 All About?

Kony 2012 was a short documentary movie made by a small nonprofit organization from San Diego called Invisible Children. This documentary threw light on a character called Joseph Kony, a warlord from Central Africa who kidnapped small children and inducted them as soldiers in his own militia. The group making this video wanted to bring Joseph Kony to justice, and it had no other way than to make a video on his misdeeds. The documentary told the viewers that Joseph Kony used his militia to terrorize villagers in several Central African countries for nearly 2 decades. 

Kony 2012 Sheds Light on the Deeds of the Warlord

If you have not seen Kony 201, it describes the actions of Joseph Knoy, the chief of the militia called Lord’s Resistance Army. He has been shown recruiting young kids from Uganda, South Sudan, and Congo as soldiers in LRA. These kids are abducted from their homes and given the training to work as private army troops. One person who narrates his own story in Kony 2012 is Jacob Avaye, who says that his brother was abducted and killed by Kony’s men. Listening to his story, the founder of Invisible Children consoles him and says that he will try to bring Joseph Kony to justice. 

Kony has abducted countless young boys and brainwashed them into fighting for his own militia. He has forced girls to become sex slaves. He is also charged with killing dozens of boys who did not follow his orders. 

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Kony 2012 Broke All Records on YouTube 

In March 2012, when the video was uploaded on YouTube, it garnered millions of views and also likes and shares from those watching it. Incidentally, Kony became the first video on YouTube to get 1 million likes. Such was the popularity of this video on YouTube that a website made for the purpose crashed many times with visits by hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. A poll conducted in 2012 said that nearly half of the American adults knew about this documentary. The popularity of Kony 2012 was acknowledged by Time magazine, which said that it was the most viral video ever.