March 2014 – A Malaysian Airplane Disappeared!

March 2014 will always be remembered in the annals of history as the month in which the tragedy of MH370 occurred. It is the short name of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that departed from the capital Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on 8 March 2014 and suddenly disappeared over the Indian Ocean. 

this is an image of malaysian flight

MH 370 Has Not Been Found to Date

The airplane was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Neither the debris nor the wreckage of the airplane has been found to date. Not the bodies of the ill-fated aircraft been recovered so far. Searches and rescue operations have been conducted by not just the Malaysian government but also by international teams, but all of them have failed to find any evidence of the accident that caused the disappearance of the aircraft. 

What Happened to MH 370?

The last communication of the crew members of flight 370 was with the ATC 38 minutes after it took off from Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese capital Beijing. This was the time when MH370 was flying over the South China Sea. Soon after this communication, the ATC radar lost the aircraft. However, it was traced by military radar that tracked it for another hour. MH 370 was found to be deviating from its planned flight path to the west, and the last time it was seen flying was in an area that is 200 nautical miles from Penang Island.

After repeated attempts to find the missing plane, authorities gave up hopes of any of the passengers and crew members of the ill-fated flight being alive. They have been presumed dead though there has been no proof in the form of any wreckage or dead bodies of these passengers to date.  

Conspiracy Theories Have Been Put Forward

MH 370 happens to be the biggest tragedy involving Malaysian Airlines. It is certainly one of the grave tragedies involving Boeing airplanes. Many conspiracy theories have been put forward by aviation experts from around the world, but so far, none of these theories has been confirmed because the wreckage of the plane has not been found. Some people have talked about the airplane having been hijacked. Even if one were to accept this theory, the hijackers would have claimed responsibility or put forward their demand in return for releasing the passengers and the crew members.

this is an image of missing flight

Many Experts Feel MH 370 Never Met an Accident

Many aviation experts have tried to analyze what must have happened to the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight 370. One of them is Jeff Wise. He has come to the conclusion that there is no evidence that MH 370 met with an accident. There was so little time between the last moment when the airplane was tracked by military radar and its disappearance that it could not have met with an accident. Jeff adds that even during the last moments of its flight, the pilot was in full control and knew what he was doing. 

The search effort of the international community has failed to unearth the mystery of disappeared airplanes.