March 2012 – “Kony 2012” Went Viral

Today, it is common for videos to suddenly go viral on YouTube. Many videos get millions of views and likes, and no one takes any notice of this phenomenon. But in March 2012, when a video called Kony 2012 became viral within a few days of being launched on the video-sharing platform YouTube, it grabbed the attention of all the people. 

What was Kony 2012 All About?

Kony 2012 was a short documentary movie made by a small nonprofit organization form San Diego called Invisible Children. This documentary threw light on a character called Joseph Kony, a warlord from Central Africa who kidnapped small children and inducted them as soldiers in his own militia. The group making this video wanted to bring Joseph Kony to justice, and it had no other way than to make a video on his misdeeds. The documentary told the viewers that Joseph Kony used his militia to terrorize villagers in several Central African countries for nearly 2 decades. …