July 2016 – The Concrete World Crazy Over Pokémon Go

People have been playing video games for decades, and there are also examples of some games assuming extreme popularity over a period of time. However, the kind of popularity that Pokémon Go achieved in July 2016 is unparalleled in the annals of video games. This craze for the game was not confined to homes and offices as one could see people literally searching for Pokémon on the streets in the hope of catching them. Including the Newport Beach concrete contractors working on my home here.  

An image of Pokemon Go.

July 2016 was All About Pokémon Go

It is easy to forget things and events that took place in the past. If you tell someone how people went crazy about Pokémon Go and how covered the long-distance with their smartphones in their hands to catch hold of these fictitious characters, none will be surprised. No one talks about Pokémon Go now. But in July 2016, there was hardly a soul who was either not playing or was not aware of this game. More than 10 million American citizens were playing this game within days of its release. 

Kids and Adults Were Seen Catching Pokémon in the Outdoors

For those who do not know, Pokémon Go was a computer game released in the nineties. It was converted into an app that could be downloaded in smartphones. It was supposed to be like any other game, but one feature that made it unique was the ability to catch adorable Pokémon in real life in different physical locations. Now you would say that it is not possible to search a digital creation in real life. But you had to be there to see the craze among kids and adults alike to be able to catch hold of as many as possible Pokémon in their mobile phones. Such was the happiness, and at times the desperation showed by the gamers that it looked as if they believed in these digital creatures. 

Name and Fame for Many

There was a man in Britain who became the first man to catch all Pokémon living in the country. He posted a video on YouTube about his achievement that vent viral, and he was contacted by the BBC. Sam Clark says that he was also contacted by CNN, and his clip was shown on the channel. That was the time when every newspaper carried one or more stories related to Pokémon Go. 

A picture of Pokemon Go.

There was another man called Tom Currie from New Zealand who was so much in love with this video game that he quit his job to become a Pokémon trainer. He went on to catch all but one Pokémon available in New Zealand. Tom says he traveled to remote parts of the country in search of these digital creatures and received immense love and support from gamers and Pokémon trainers. 

There are many more stories of people attaining name and fame because of their love for Pokémon Go. All this happened in a matter of weeks and months. Sadly, the amazing success of Pokémon Go could not last for a long time. The user base of paid subscribers attained a plateau in just a month after the game was released.